Selling Property

10 steps in selling your home

At our first meeting we would be happy to visit your home without obligation to view the property. We are happy to discuss your wishes and expectations. During this meeting we will advise you on the sales strategy. 

We have already obtained documents from the land registry and check to see that they’re still accurate. We also show you how the market is doing in your neighbourhood. How many properties have been sold and for how much. 

We value your property and incorporate our advice in a clear action plan, tailored to your situation and preferences. 

We discuss the entire situation so we can provide you with a good service that covers all the bases. Perhaps we have a buyer in our own network: we will use all available resources. 

You probably want the highest price for your home, right? Well then now is the time to roll up your sleeves to prepare your home for sale, where we are happy to lend you a helping hand. How? Mainly clearing, depersonalizing and cleaning. If the house is empty, you could choose to have the house furnished by a company. This could speed up sales.

For the sale it is important that professional photos of the house are taken. For this it is important that step 3 has been carried out correctly, so that the photographer can do his job properly.

In addition to taking photos, the entire house is measured according to NEN 2580.

The photos and the measurement report are important for the sale.

An energy label shows how energy-efficient a home is. Owners are obliged to make an energy label available to the buyer or tenant when selling and renting. This obligation also applies if owners have a new home built.

The energy label indicates whether the house consumes a lot or little energy (the energy performance). Homes with an A++++ label are the most energy efficient. The least efficient homes receive a G label. The energy label also states which energy-saving measures are possible in the home. Think of insulating the roof or installing solar panels.

We post a nice photo on our Instagram, in which we emphasize the pluses of your home with the text ‘coming soon’. We are active on social media. In addition, we place the professional photos on Funda and our own website. We receive many requests to view the house via social media and Funda.

In consultation with you, we agree when we can show the house to potential buyers. This can be done real live (of course according to the rules of the RIVM), or via Face time. After the viewings, we send the pieces of the house to the viewers. We will continuously keep you informed of the status.

One of the best moments is of course when the bids come in. This, of course, is what it’s all about. We will forward the bids to you by WhatsApp and by email and will discuss them with you later. We naturally aim for the best offer for you.

In 9 out of 10 homes, buyers want to have their home inspected. We are also in favor of this, because you do not want any hassle about any defects afterwards. If there is an unpleasant surprise, we can discuss this with the buyers or have it repaired.

We have agreed on the terms of purchase with the buyer, so it’s time to record this in a deed of sale. In Amsterdam, a notary draws up the deed of sale, which the buyer can select and also pay (good for you). We will forward the sales conditions, your name and address details including passport and all documents of the house. The buyer sends his name and address details and passport himself and the notary gets to work. Within 2-3 days we receive a concept, which we go through together article by article. It’s nice that you understand what you’re drawing, right? After any adjustments, the deed of sale can be signed. Before Corona, this went to the notary, but nowadays it goes digital. Easy and fast. We love it!