Rent Property

We would be happy to visit your home for a no-obligation rental consultation. We look at the house, discuss your wishes and expectations and tell you what rental price we recommend. We look at the most recent data, recent transactions and the current offer.

If you want to rent out the house through us, we will of course not disappoint you. You will receive the order confirmations by email and you can sign them digitally.

After signing, it is time to prepare the house for rent. You can deliver the house furnished or unfurnished. We can of course help you with this.

When the house is ready for rent, we will have photos taken by a professional photographer for our social media and other channels.

The house is measured by a professional according to NEN 2580.

When the first reactions come in through one of our channels, we can schedule the viewings with potential tenants in consultation.

One of the best moments is when the rental proposals, including a story from the potential tenants, come in by email. We will forward this to you, including our advice, and discuss it with you later by telephone.

It is now time to draw up the rental agreement. First of all, everyone gets a draft rental agreement. After approval or some adjustments, you can sign digitally with DocuSign. Super fast and easy.

During the check-in we take photos of the furniture, walls, floors, ceiling, windows, etc. so that it is recorded what the condition was at the start of the lease. This photo report will be sent by email together with the meter readings. Congratulations on your tenant and we will be happy to help you with your next rental assignment.