Buying Property

10 steps in the purchase of your home

During the no-obligation introductory meeting, we discuss all the options and expectations regarding your search and how we can help you with this. You tell us what requirements your house must meet and what expectations you have. We will create a search profile based on your requirements and preferences.

When you have chosen us as a purchasing agent, we start the search. It is important to determine your budget. We will look for houses in your price range.

If there is a house that you want to view, we will make an appointment for a viewing. During the viewing we provide you with guidance and we advise you on the condition of the house, which investments are needed in the future and how you can create added value on the house.

Have you visited a house that you like? Then we request all the documents from the seller. We will give you purchase advice based on these documents.

If you are still enthusiastic, we will make an offer in consultation with you. Depending on whether it is a tender or not, we make a provisional or final offer. We will then negotiate with the selling party about the price, conditions, delivery period and any other matters. We will do everything we can to purchase the property for you at the best possible price and conditions. 

When the seller has accepted our offer, the purchase agreement must be signed. This is done at the notary. We help you make your choice of notary and ensure that he receives all the desired information. Before you sign the purchase agreement, we will go through it together and while signing we will sit next to you to support you during this exciting moment.

To determine the value of your new home, you must have the home appraised. We help you find an appraiser. You need this valuation for your financing at the bank.

Did you buy the house with the resolutive condition for obtaining a mortgage? Then this step mainly means that you have to get the bank’s approval for the financing. We keep in touch with your mortgage adviser and ensure that everything runs in accordance with the agreements made. If you have not yet received approval from the bank within the set term, we will request a postponement.

Now that the financing is complete, we set a date for the transfer of ownership. A few days before the transfer, you will receive the draft title deed and the final invoice from the notary. With this deed you become the property of the house and the invoice contains all amounts to be paid and received. We go through the deed and the invoice together before signing. After this we go to the notary for the delivery and therefore the key handover. Congratulations you are now a home owner!

We say bye, but don’t say goodbye. If you have any questions later, you can always contact us and who knows, we may see each other again in the future.